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Director Message

Work speak for themselves

Director Message

Mr. Amit Pushpa Mutreja thought to invent Analatiq because he found by his experience in digital market that if people want to install or use digital equipment’s like Audio-Video System, Lighting Control System, CCTV Cameras, Video Wall etc. in that condition they will brought these appliances from different vendors with differ places which creates a lot of troubles as it is a waste of time and money.

He thought to bring smart and digital work and keep a motive to avail all the necessary appliances from a same place with best quality and professional services which will save money, time and all kind of investments. He faces many troubles and bad situations during his journey and also fall down till now, but every time he get up and start again for a new change. Due to bad situations in his life he quit his studies in middle and bound to see bad financial and family conditions. In 2005 he lost a very important part of his life but he made himself strong and handles himself with family also.

Mr.Mutreja born in Jaipur. He started his studies from same place. He done many courses like MBA, SAP, HM (Hotel Management) and also learns many foreign languages. He knew French. German, Spanish, Sanskrit with Hindi and English. He is such a good manture and suggester and ready to help every time when required. He started his carrier with teaching.He is an emotional person and connects himself with everyone as a friend so he can understand employees properly and helps them to work without any pressures. As an entrepreneur has this illusion that they have to be strict every time so their business can be flow easily, but Mr. Mutreja set an example in frontof us that it’s not mandatory that an owner should be strict each and every time.

He is also running many NGOs for social helps, Education, Health, for those who want to become something but due to lack of proper guidance they go in opposite direction. He does many donations also for mainly education because he knows the importance of it. He started their business with Archimeds group which is conducting many ventures like Archimeds Education, Analatiq Pvt. Ltd, Arts write. He is conducting his business Delhi with Jaipur also. He has many braches in both cities with best and professional team and every employee is firstly his friend, before an employee, that is because his friendly nature. Mr. Mutreja is second name of a jolly and carrying person. He is a good thinker and also like writing books.

Analatiq is a dream of him which he is thinking from 2012 and started work on it alone. Without his participation this can’t become true. As a heart is important for body same as Mr. Amit Kumar Mutreja is important for this venture and we are happy to have a part of this with him.